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'Character Heads' – an exhibition by Johannes Kerkhoven

The Naked Eye Gallery are pleased to present the exhibition ‘Character Heads’ by accomplished poet and artist Johannes Kerkhoven in March.

Inspired by the busts of Austrian 18th century sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, Johannes has brought to us a bold new body of artwork which explores the vast spectrum of human emotions represented through facial expressions. Through his oil on canvas work, Johannes portrays life’s emotions and gives us an insight into how a subtle change of a brush stroke can change the face of his subject, just as the most subtle change of in the movement of muscles in the face can change the entire expression of an individual. He hopes that in this exhibition, through its variety of painted expressions, he might create a better understanding or even tolerance of others’ emotions.

Johannes was born in Rotterdam in 1931 and has led an impressive career in art, publishing and poetry. He has participated in several notable art competitions, such as the Mosman Art Prize in Sydney, Australia. Johannes’ poetic work has been published in various global and national magazines such as the Spectator, Connections, Peace News and the Morning Star. He won first prize in the Writer’s Forum Magazine in July 2005. Recently, he has exhibited and sold his artwork in various exhibitions in Brighton. Johannes now resides in Hove with his wife Cristina.

The Character Heads exhibition runs at the Naked Eye Gallery from 2nd-15th March.

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